Friday, March 28, 2014

Typewriter Love

Maybe because I was a journalist. That I always have loved to write: I have a thing for typewriters.

I think the rest of the world has too. My typewriters have all flown out off Etsy, some sooner, some later. And I have shipped them all over the world.

Here are some beauties:

A Baby Hermes that was so beautiful it almost hurt to send it all the way to China.

Oh, that mint colour...

Erika- a German typewriter that took the trip to Australia. It was so heavy, you won't believe it.

I love the cream colour.

This turqouise Olivetti went to Sarah in the US who also bought some brown mugs to go with it. She sent me an ambience report back that she listened to music, cleaned the old typewriter and drank coffee from Arabia mugs. That sounds so cozy!


This rather "new" Brother typewriter also took the trip to the US, just before Christmas. It was a gift, and it reached there in the end.

Now I have two typewriters still in my shop. The Diplomat typewriter is from the same manufacturer as the Olympia, I love the elegant hand written label.

 And this heavy Rheinmetall one from Germany.

It's old - 1940s, and I just love this warm burgundy colour.

 I wonder where these will end up! Linking up to The Nifty Thrifty this week:)

 I'm back, and I will post regurarly about vintage finds and life in the spring yet here. Actually we have a second winter coming with heavy snowfall.


Kaylovesvintage said...

I got couple of blue ones..
the look great in the living room

likeschocolate said...

I have been looking for a typewriter for so long. Right now they seem to be out of my price range. I am jealous that Kay has blue ones.

50 and counting said...

I have an IBM selectric in my basement. The thing weighs a ton. Even have spare ribbons.

I used them back in the 80s and when I saw one in a clearance sale I knew I had to have it. It's collecting dust, but it's mine.

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Comments said...

Spenstig nettside du har. Jeg blir imponert. Jeg skriver en del om tapet Fortsatt fin dag =)

Angela said...

I used to have a typewritter but left it back in Brazil. It had this crazy ribbon on it.

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